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Suzanne Manson

​Owner & Founder

Suzanne Manson is a highly skilled yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching children and teenagers, including those with special needs. She is the founder of Yoga4kids South Africa, a registered yoga school with the International Yoga Federation, and the Yogatherapy4kids Training Academy, which trains therapists and yoga teachers from around the world on how to bring the art of yoga to children and youth.

Suzanne’s own unique and special daughter has many challenges, which inspired her to launch YogaTherapy4Kids as a full-time initiative. In this role, she combines her training in life coaching, NLP, and biodynamic psychotherapy with her years of experience working with special needs children to create a unique healing therapy using movement, breath, massage, and yoga. Through this program, Suzanne offers individualized yoga programs to children who are neurologically diverse, suffer from mental and emotional regulation difficulties, or have learning, mental, or physical challenges. She helps these children to regulate and brings joy, while highlighting their strengths and offering support to their families.

In 2019, Suzanne launched the internationally accredited YogaTherapy4Kids Teacher Training, which supports many of the occupational therapy teachings by offering yoga postures as therapy tools. She has also released the Yoga4Kids Card Deck and a 90-page Yoga Variations Booklet, which serve as excellent tools for communicating the physical, emotional, mental, and therapeutic benefits of yoga, as well as the fun and creative variations of the postures, to teachers, parents, and children and teens practicing at home.

Suzanne is certified as a Senior Yoga Teacher and TrainerPro with the Yoga Alliance Professionals of Great Britain and the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa. She has completed a 500-hour Ishta Yoga Teacher Training and Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training. In addition to her work at Yoga4kids, Suzanne is a director for the WHOLEy Child Foundation, an NPO yoga outreach program for children from troubled backgrounds. With her extensive background and expertise, Suzanne is uniquely qualified to bring yoga as a healing modality and holistic health program to children. You can contact Suzanne at suzie@yoga4kids.co.za.

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