About Us

Inner Child Yoga Classes as a part of our Vision

We offer classes for YogaTots (ages 3 – 7), YogaKids (ages 8 – 12) and YogaTeens (ages 13 – 17). The curriculum is based on mindfulness, breathing, yoga practice, relaxation techniques and our own tailor-made curriculums to establish a happy, healthy and whole child.

It is our hope that all children will be empowered and confident and that they will not be victims of circumstance but will grow knowing their truth and having a profound relationship with the self.  We aim to create a disciplined practice and in so doing bring a balance to the emotional, mental, physical and energetic areas of every child’s being.

It’s important for a child to build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen their mind, body and heart.  This is increasingly important in today’s society where children may be over-stimulated, have too much or too little energy, or struggle to keep up and balance school and other activities. Yoga can help your child develop a stronger body and build self-confidence while quieting their minds. The benefits of yoga for children are numerous.

Yoga4Kids is more committed than ever to share its passion for bringing teachings of calm and mindfulness into the lives of all our children. In order to do so, we’ve spent years curating and delivering some of the best online children’s yoga training courses, so that more children and teens can experience the benefits of these life-enriching habits.

Every child needs to learn how to find their highest vibration, soothe and regulate their nervous system and how to come into balance. Our yoga practices and mindfulness training supports children to live out happy, healthy and holistic lives.

YogaTherapy4Kids for children with special needs

At the helm of the company, Suzie Manson possesses a deep interest in and passion for children who have challenges, as she’s been providing therapy for special needs children for most of her career. She is also a mother to her own special needs child, who presents with Dyspraxia.

Suzie’s YogaTherapy4Kids classes and teacher’s training course are designed to bring yoga as a therapeutic intervention into the lives and hearts of all children who face challenges. At Yoga4Kids, we help these children by acknowledging their challenges and showing them the power of their hearts and inner being.

Suzie Manson

​Owner & Founder

Suzanne Manson has been teaching children and teen yoga and wellbeing programs for 20 years. Yoga4kids is a registered yoga school with the International Yoga Federation. The Yoga4kids Training Academy has trained incredible people from around the world, both online and in-person, on how to bring the art of yoga to children and our youth.

Having her own unique and very special daughter who presents with many challenges, and using her invaluable insight gained from teaching at many special need’s schools around the country since 2003, Suzanne has moved into YogaTherapy4Kids as a full-time initiative. YogaTherapy4Kids offers individualized occupational therapy and yoga programs to children, focusing on regulating and bringing joy and high support to families.

YogaTherapy4Kids was launched in 2019 as an internationally accredited online training for therapists and yoga teachers on how to do the same. Suzanne also launched her Yoga4Kids Card Deck and 90-page Yoga Variations Booklet in 2019. 

Her accreditations include a 500-hour Ishta Yoga Teacher Training and Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training. Suzanne is certified as a Senior Yoga Teacher and TrainerPro with the Yoga Alliance Professionals of Great Britain and the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa.

She is also a director for the WHOLEy Child Foundation, an NPO yoga outreach program for children from troubled backgrounds. Suzanne’s vast experience brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into how to bring yoga as a healing modality and holistic health program to children.

Suzanne has launched SoulScape which is a high support and interactive platform for woman wanting to find a journey inward to regulate and feel safe.  Her dynamic as a luminary and light worker supports woman to balance and come back to wellbeing using creative play modalities and movement classes.  Here the focus is on moving into an open heart and raising into one’s own truth and highest vibration.