About Us

Vision for 2021

As we move into 2021, Yoga4Kids is more committed than ever to share its passion for bringing teachings of calm and mindfulness into the lives of all our children. Every child needs to learn how to soothe and regulate their nervous system and how to come into balance. Yoga supports children to live out happy, healthy and holistic lives.

Yoga and Wellbeing Classes for Children and Teens

We offer classes for YogaTots (ages 3 – 7), YogaKids (ages 8 – 12) and YogaTeens (ages 13 – 17). The curriculum is based on mindfulness, breathing, yoga practice, relaxation techniques  and our own tailor-made curriculums to establish a happy, healthy and whole child.

It is our hope that all children will be empowered and confident and that they will not be victims of circumstance but will grow knowing their truth and having a profound relationship with self.  We aim to create a disciplined practice and in so doing bring a balance to the emotional, mental, physical and energetic areas of every child’s being.


It is important for a child to build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen their mind, body and heart.  This is increasingly important in today’s society where children may be over-stimulated, have too much or too little energy, or struggling to keep up and balance school and other activities. Yoga can help your child develop a stronger body and build their self-confidence while quieting their minds. The benefits of yoga for children are numerous.

The Yoga4kids Training Academy

We offer holistic and leading edge Yoga trainings for all who wish to find fulfilment in their careers.  The joy of teaching yoga and heart work to children is probably one of the most blessed careers one could embark on and if you have been called to do this work, we look so forward to hearing from you.

Why should you enrol with the Yoga4kids Academy

The Yoga4kids Training Academy has stood the test of time.  We have been training teachers since 2005 and we have been teaching children from all walks of life since 2003.  Yoga4kids has brought yoga and her disciplines into various environments including shelters, orphanages, private homes, schools, special needs schools, rural settlements and therapy centres all over South Africa.

The Yoga4kids fun yoga adventures and curricula for calm, including our Yoga Card Decks and lesson plans, have found their way into homes across the world, thanks to the incredible teachers who have trained under our umbrella over the years.

Suzie who heads up Yoga4kids has a special interest in children who have challenges as she has been teaching special needs children for most of her career and is now mother to her own special needs child who presents with Dyspraxia.  Her YogaTherapy Course is designed to bring Yoga as a therapeutic intervention into the lives and hearts of all children who face challenges.

Who we are

Meet the Trainers

Suzie Manson

Co Founder & Owner

Suzanne (Suzie) Manson is a 500-hour accredited Ishta Yoga Teacher and Level 1 Kundalini Teacher. Suzie is certified as a Senior Yoga Teacher and Trainer with the Yoga Alliance Professionals of Great Britain and the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa. Suzie trained with the Radiant Children‟s Yoga Program (with Shakta Kaur Khalsa from the United States) as well as the Yoga Bugs Academy in Britain. In addition to pioneering children‟s yoga in South Africa in 2003, she also offers yoga as an integrated therapy for children with challenges. Suzie is a director for the WHOLEy Child Foundation. Suzie‟s vast experience brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into how to bring yoga as a healing modality and holistic health program to children.

Janine Syme

Mindfull Movement Yoga

Janine Tracey Syme started her esoteric and yoga journey in 1994 when she completed her Reiki Masters course in Cape Town.

After moving to London in 2003 she trained with Yoga Bugs and then went on to co- train as a children’s yoga teacher focusing on the Business and Creative Operations of  how  to  successfully launch and maintain a yoga business in London.To further her studies, Janine completed her Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP I and II) in 2005 with Shakta Kaur Khalsa (who heads up the Radiant Child Yoga program in the United States).

After moving to the Caribbean with the birth of her first child, Janine enrolled in the 500 hour Sivanada Teacher Training run out of Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Now living in Cyprus, she will focus on providing the MindfulMovement4Kids Workshop and additional Yoga4Kids training opportunities to its residents.

Janine is accredited as a Mindfulness Practitioner through the School of Mindfulness.

Carin Dean

Arial Yoga for Kids

Carin is an internationally-trained multi-discipline yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for nearly twenty years. She has a Yoga Alliance qualification in yin, aerial and vinyasa yoga as well as having completed module 2 & 3 of Yoga4Kids.

Carin is passionate about using yoga as a tool for finding inner joy and resilience. Her studies on the subject have allowed her to develop an understanding of merging eastern philosophy with wester science, uncovering alternate ways of dealing with trauma, neurodiversity, menopause and anxiety.

She also doesn’t take life too seriously and believes we are supposed to have as much fun as possible along the way. Live in wonder, live in awe, life’s a blessing, not a chore. She reminds herself constantly that Winnie the Pooh wore a crop top, no pants and ate all his favourite food and everyone still loves him.

Lyndal Alexander

Yoga Therapy for Kids

Lyndal Alexander qualified as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Cape Town.

She has a decade of experience in working with children with complex needs, locally and across the African continent. Passionate about building resilient children and families in the face of trauma and disability, she completed a Masters in Early Childhood Intervention (UP) in 2017.

Her interest in family-centred and holistic wellbeing approaches to children encouraged her to embark on the Yoga4Kids training with a special interest in therapeutic yoga and the research evidence behind it.

Katya Salvador


Initiated name since 2017: Kamala Sundari

After having profound experiences through my own personal practice of yoga; at the age of 29 years I resigned from my work and went to live in an ashram in India for a year. I studied at the Bihar Yoga Bharati (University of yoga) in Munger and prior to the course I spent an additional 3 months as a participating resident at the ashram. During this time; I was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and received darshan and upliftment through his association and guidance.

To date, I have taught with the South African School of yoga in Hyde Park; Yoga Shala in Parkmore; the Yoga Lounge in Rivonia; Childline in Soweto and at Constitutional Hill in Braamfontein; and have taught in my own capacity at different venues throughout the years. After the birth of my own child I studied to become a Montessori teacher as well as a Yoga Kids teacher with Suzie Manson from Yoga4Kids.

Currently I developing a yoga curriculum based on Montessori philosophy which I hope to manufacture and distribute in the near future. In 2017 I received initiation into Bhakti Yoga through ISKCON and taught yoga at the Sandton temple Sunday school services. I am also an Ayurvedic massage therapist and have had basic training in self-help Ayurveda.