Aerial Yoga 4 Kids

The Calm Company Presents

Calm Coaching Workshops for Parents, School/Yoga Teachers and Therapists

This is a ten week, mid week online Coaching Course for bringing calm to children, and teens.

Objective: The Holistic Calm Coaching program is designed to empower kids and teens with a comprehensive set of tools to effectively manage stress, enhance emotional well-being, and develop a deep sense of inner calm. Participants will learn and practice strategies that encompass self-regulation, building rapport, raising their vibrational energy, and cultivating self-actualization.

Calm Coaching Overview

Program: Holistic Calm Coaching for Kids and Teens

Duration: 12 weeks

Week 1: Foundations of Calmness and Mindfulness

– Understanding the holistic concept of calmness

– Introduction to mindfulness and its holistic benefits

– Practice: Guided deep breathing, nature mindfulness, and gratitude exercises

Week 2: Emotion Mastery and Self-Regulation

– Deepening emotional intelligence through identifying, understanding, and regulating emotions

– Learning techniques for emotional self-regulation and resilience

– Practice: Emotion-focused meditation, emotional regulation exercises, and sharing personal experiences

Week 3: Creating Strong Rapport and Empathetic Connections

– Building meaningful relationships through effective communication and rapport building

– Cultivating empathy and active listening skills

– Practice: Role-playing rapport-building scenarios, empathy exercises, and group discussions

Week 4: Vibrational Energy and Positive Affirmations

– Exploring the concept of vibrational energy and its impact on emotions

– Introduction to positive affirmations and their role in raising vibrational frequency

– Practice: Visualization exercises, energy-boosting affirmations, and exploring the effects of high-vibration activities

Week 5: Stress Management and Mindful Decision Making

– Identifying stressors and exploring stress management techniques

– Applying mindfulness to decision-making processes and stress reduction

– Practice: Mindful decision-making exercises, creative stress relief activities, and creating a personalized stress management toolkit

Week 6: Fostering Resilience and Growth Mindset

– Deepening resilience through self-compassion and adaptability

– Embracing a growth mindset for continuous learning and personal growth

– Practice: Resilience-building workshops, growth mindset reflections, and celebrating achievements

Calm Coaching Overview Cont.

Week 7: Creative Expression and Self-Discovery

– Harnessing creative outlets for self-expression and emotional release

– Using creative activities to explore inner thoughts and emotions

– Practice: Engaging in creative sessions, self-expression journaling, and sharing artistic creations

Week 8: Nurturing Self-Actualization and Purpose

– Introducing self-actualization as a journey of fulfilling personal potential

– Exploring passions, interests, and aligning with personal purpose

– Practice: Self-discovery exercises, goal setting, and creating a vision board

Week 9: Healthy Habits for High Vibration

– Integrating nutrition, movement, and mindfulness for elevated energy levels

– Developing a holistic self-care routine for sustained high vibration

– Practice: Nutritional awareness, joyful movement sessions, and creating a holistic self-care plan

Week 10: Inner Calm and Time Mastery

– Deepening the practice of inner calm through mindfulness and self-awareness

– Strategies for effective time management and prioritization

– Practice: Mindfulness meditations, time blocking techniques, and time management reflections

Week 11: Sustaining High Vibration and Future Visioning

– Review and integration of all learned techniques and strategies

– Cultivating a high-vibration lifestyle and nurturing inner calm

– Practice: Visualization exercises, high-vibration practices, and creating a future vision statement

Week 12: Program Culmination and Continued Holistic Well-Being

– Reflecting on the journey and personal growth throughout the program

– Creating a holistic well-being plan for continued self-actualization

– Practice: Holistic well-being action plan, group reflections, and celebrating the completion of the program

Program Conclusion:

Participants will emerge from the Holistic Calm Coaching program equipped with an extensive toolkit for managing stress, enhancing emotional well-being, and cultivating holistic self-actualization. Through immersive experiences, engaging activities, and a supportive community, participants will have developed the skills and mindset to navigate life’s challenges, elevate their vibrational energy, and experience a lasting sense of inner calm and fulfillment.

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