The Yoga4kids Training Academy presents:

AerialYoga4Kids Training Aerial yoga for kids and teens

This is a four-day in-person workshop, which is both fun and resource-based. This aerial yoga for kids training teaches both the “yang” (active, dynamic & strengthening) and “yin” (passive, therapeutic, meditative, restorative) aspects of aerial training and how to apply it to a fun, playful and therapeutic children’s yoga class.

Aerial Yoga 4 Kids

1:1 Consultation

Techniques Training & Practice- guided and analytical classes:
  • Using props in yoga – exploring the Iyengar tradition
  • What is aerial yoga? – understanding how this style complements more traditional yoga styles
  • Benefits of aerial yoga with a specific focus on children and children with special needs
Aerial yoga for kids

The uses and benefits of aerial yoga for children and teenagers:
● Aerial play
● Aerial meditation
● Creative sequences
● Partner aerial yoga
● Therapeutic aerial
● Key alignment in aerial poses