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Empower Young Minds with Accredited Yoga and Mindfulness Training for Kids, Teens, and Tweens at MindfulMovement4Kids


Unlock a transformative journey designed to enrich young hearts and minds through our accredited yoga and mindfulness program. MindfulMovement4Kids offers a unique blend of yoga and mindfulness practices, nurturing the inner child while equipping kids, teens, and tweens with essential tools for self-awareness and emotional resilience. Explore engaging modules that empower the next generation with mindfulness techniques. Guided by Suzie, our experienced mentor, this journey to inner balance and clarity harnesses the power of accredited mindfulness training. Prepare young minds for a brighter future with MindfulMovement4Kids!

Mindfulness Training Content

Module 1: Exploring Mindfulness Beyond Coping (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Mindful Moments” Journal Encourage participants to maintain a journal where they document everyday moments of mindfulness. This exercise cultivates awareness of their surroundings and thoughts, promoting a balanced relationship with daily experiences.

Module 2: Nurturing the Inner Child (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Letter to My Inner Child” Reflection Guide participants to write a heartfelt letter to their inner child, expressing understanding, love, and encouragement. This exercise fosters self-compassion and emotional healing.

Module 3: Breath Awareness and Mindful Breathing (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Balloon Breath” Practice Lead participants in a “Balloon Breath” exercise where they visualize inhaling like inflating a balloon and exhaling like deflating it. This practice enhances the mind-breath connection and fosters focus.

Module 4: Mind-Body Connection (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Mindful Body Scan” Activity Guide participants through a “Mindful Body Scan,” helping them become attuned to physical sensations and tensions in their bodies. This exercise promotes relaxation and awareness.

Module 5: Navigating Thoughts and Emotions (For Teens and Tweens)

Exercise: “Emotion Charades” Game Engage participants in an interactive game of “Emotion Charades” where they express emotions through body language. This activity enhances emotional awareness and regulation.

Module 6: Mindfulness in Motion (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Nature Walk” Mindfulness Practice Encourage participants to take a nature walk while focusing on their senses. They’ll observe, listen, and touch mindfully, fostering a deeper connection with their environment.

Module 7: Cultivating Positive Thoughts (For Teens and Tweens)

Exercise: “Gratitude Jar” Activity Guide participants to create a “Gratitude Jar” where they jot down positive thoughts and moments regularly. This exercise enhances a positive mindset and resilience.

Module 8: Embracing Emotions Mindfully (For Teens and Tweens)

Exercise: “Feelings Wheel” Reflection Introduce a “Feelings Wheel” and have participants identify and reflect on their emotions. This exercise encourages emotional intelligence and empowers them to handle complex feelings.

Module 9: Teaching Mindfulness to Others (For Teens and Tweens)

Exercise: “Mindful Storytelling” Project Challenge participants to create a mindful storytelling project for younger children. This activity nurtures their ability to teach mindfulness and encourages empathy.

Module 10: Building Mindful Habits (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Mindful Morning Routine” Plan Guide participants to design a mindful morning routine that includes breathing exercises, gratitude practice, and intention setting. This exercise establishes a foundation for a mindful day.

Module 11: Mindful Reflection and Celebration (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Journey to Mindfulness” Collage Encourage participants to create a collage representing their mindfulness journey, incorporating images, quotes, and reflections. This exercise allows them to celebrate progress and growth.

Module 12: Continuing the Mindful Journey (For Kids, Teens, and Tweens)

Exercise: “Mindful Movement Pledge” Commitment Invite participants to craft a “Mindful Movement Pledge” outlining how they’ll integrate mindfulness into their daily lives. This exercise solidifies their commitment to ongoing mindfulness practice.

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Empower young hearts and minds to navigate life’s challenges with clarity, resilience, and joy. Led by Suzie, our experienced guide, kids, teens, and tweens embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the potential of mindfulness and inner exploration.

Children’s MindfulMovement4Kids Training 

18, 19, 20, 21 August 2023  

20, 21, 22, 23 October 2023

Saturday, Sunday  – 09h30 – 17h30

Friday and Monday – 06h30 – 09h30 SA Time

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