Yoga4Teens Training

The Yoga4kids Training Academy presents:

Yoga4Teens Training

Our Advanced Teen Training is looking at how to use the art of yoga to equip our youth with the life skills and enrichment programs to navigate their entry into their teenage years with grace and ease. This intensive teaching will give you the language and rapport needed to reach the heart of this generation and the lesson plans and class dynamic to keep our teens true to their own beings and powerful in their individuality.

Yoga4Teens Training

Who Should Take This Training & Why

The Yoga4Teens Advanced Training is for:

  1. Adult Yoga Teachers who want to incorporate teen yoga into their teaching.
  2. Adults seeking to launch a career/business teaching yoga to our teens.
  3. Professionals seeking to expand their current skill set (physical or occupational therapist, schoolteacher, etc).
  4. Parents or other caregivers wanting to share a yoga and wellbeing experience with children and teens (at home or elsewhere).

All participants on this course must have a very good understanding and knowledge of yoga and its disciplines. As a career option the Yoga4Teens Advanced Yoga Training is open to qualified adult yoga teachers and any person who has completed the Module 1 and 2 Children s Yoga Foundation Training.

Anyone participating in this training must be in good health and have stable personal circumstances to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires. The ages of the youth that you will be able to teach is 13 – 18. And this training is all about teaching teens how to:

  • Meditate & become midnful.
  • Form a loving & confident relationship with self.
  • Live in harmony with self &
  • Balance the physical, emotional, mental & energetic body.
  • Change state, self regulate & manage energy levels.
  • Continually shift towards positive emotional behavior & wellbeing.

Online: Yoga4Teens

Yoga4Teens Training Module 3.1

Yoga Training for Teens

9 & 10 April and 13 & 14 May 2022

Saturday & Sunday 09h30 – 17h30 SA Time

40 Hours Online

R 6500.00

Overview of the Course

  • Understanding of the physiological and psychological changes through adolescence.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the Yoga Asanas for teens, including proper alignment.
  • Tools of meditation, including an understanding of Mantra, Yoga Nidra, Tratak and Mala.
  • A more in-depth study of Pranayama and how to apply breathing to regulate stress and anxiety in teens especially over exam times.
  • Swara Yoga and the study of the breath.
  • Mudras, including the psycho-physiological postures and movements of the hands.
  • A deeper understanding the Tattwas and the internal and external environment and how this plays a role in managing teens.
  • Mantra and why it is so powerful for Teens and helping them to regulate.
  • Introduction into a self-practice of Ayurveda.
  • How to be in Rapport with Teens and how to be a Successful Teen Teacher.
  • Building Curricula for Teens covering Journaling, Life Skills, Mentorship and Finding Joy.
  • How to teach Teen to build a positive and higher personal vibration.
  • Teaching Gratitude to Teens.
  • YogaNidra4Teens.
  • PartnerPostures4Teens.
  • Building Resilience with Yoga4Teens.
  • How to Create Dynamic and Practical Teaching Practices for Teens.

A look at Yoga as a Therapy for Teens especially those who fall into the following categories:

  • Asthma and IBS   
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Low self-esteem    
  • Poor Body Image  
  • Bullying

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