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The Yoga4kids Training Academy presents:

YogaTherapy4Kids – A Specialised Online Yoga Training for Special Needs Children

Walking the road with parents of the special child

Suzie is the Founder of YogaTherapy4kids Teacher Training and offers training and private classes to children with special needs.

Suzie has worked with Children who have Challenges in the following fields Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Developmental and Learning Disabilities, Language and Cognitive Processing delays, Sensory Processing Challenges and children who suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Suzie works with all ages of children who present with challenges and her goal is to find the gifting of every child and teach them that they are not victims of their challenge and have great gifts for humanity at large.

Suzie has her own child who has Dyspraxia, ADHD and auditory and visual processing challenges.

In her walk with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, as well as alternative modalities of healing, Suzie saw that there was an incredible overlay with yoga and these healing practices.

In particular Occupational Therapy. In 2020 she teamed up with Lyndal Alexander and launched her Online 100 Hour YogaTherapy4kids course. YogaTherapy is a combination of Yoga and Occupational therapy practices, to bring about a profoundly high support for children who need emotional, mental, physical and therapeutic regulation of their whole being.

Lyndal Alexander

Lyndal Alexander qualified as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Cape Town. She has a decade of experience in working with children with complex needs, locally and in Africa; including physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities, children at risk, palliative care and mental health. Passionate about building resilient children and families in the face of trauma and disability, she completed a Masters in Early Childhood Intervention (UP) in 2017. Her interest in family-centred and holistic wellbeing approaches to children encouraged her to embark on the Yoga4Kids training with a special interest in therapeutic yoga and the research evidence behind it.

Consider online yoga training for special needs children today  – get in touch to find out more!

Who Should Take This Training & Why

  1. Adult Yoga Teachers who want to incorporate children’s yoga as a therapy into their teaching.
  2. Children’s Yoga Teachers who have completed their 100 hour Foundation Training.
  3. Professional Therapists seeking to expand their current skill set.

All participants on this course must have a very good understanding and knowledge of yoga and its disciplines. As a career option, the YogaTherapy4Kids Foundation Training is open to both qualified adult yoga teachers, qualified children’s yoga teachers and professionals who work with children in therapeutic practice.

Students must also have:

  • Track record of forty hours of yoga classes before, during or after their training; and
  • Basic understanding of the philosophy of yoga in general.

This course is accredited as a Specialised Training with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

This online yoga training for special needs children also offers 30 CPD points.

For further information on the dates, prices and details of the course kindly click below:

If you would like to qualify as a Yoga Teacher for children with challenges


Section 1
Introduction to the Course and outcomes of the Training module 1
An Introduction to the Ancient Art of Yoga
An Introduction to the World of Occupational Therapy
What is the combination of Occupational Therapy and Yoga known as Yoga Therapy for this study

Section 2
Understanding our body
Anatomy (western)
The Brain, Neuroscience and Research.
The nervous system
The sensory system
The Vagus System and Polyvagal Theory
and the Fascia

Section 3
Understanding our body Yogic Anatomy (Eastern)
The Vayus and the Chakras Kundalini, Prana and the Nadis The ten Bodies
Overlaying east and west as a starting study into regulation
What is the Neuroscience on the developing
brain and the effects of yoga and meditation for young people experiencing various challenges?

Section 4
Understanding disability Definitions & language
Boundaries and Ethical Practices Developmental skills
Challenge: Learning Disabilities
Challenge: Mental Health especially Anxiety and Depression
Challenge: Neurologically Diverse including Autism, Sensory Processing and ADD
Challenge: Down Syndrome

Assignments & Practical


Section 5
Planning Yoga Therapy Looking at how to plan and lay out an Assessment
Creating a Support Team and Integrating Reports with other Therapists and Teachers Introduction to Parents or Caregivers of Student. Building relationship and Reports Physical Assessment:
Social Assessment: Systems Assessment Sensory Check List Yogic Assessment:

Section 6
A Study of the Yoga Poses Introduction to Yoga Foundation Poses Analysis workbook
Looking at the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Alignment Benefits of the Yoga Poses
Looking at the Integrated therapy benefits of the yoga poses.

Section 7
A study on how to Regulate
A deep study of pranayama and various Breathing exercises
Regulation using Mantra and Mudra Regulation through the Chakras and the Tattvas
Regulation through the Senses Regulation through the Yoga Postures Regulation through the face
Regulation through Savasana – Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Section 8
Tools for Teachers:
Raising Your Vibration, Connection to your Higher Self Classroom Set up
Rapport and Using your Voice and Body
Language to engage in safe and trusting relationships
Managing Challenging Behaviors Creating joy

Assignments & Practical


Section 9
Creating Case Studies Example of Case Study and Layout Case Study Learning Disability Case Study Mental Health
Case Study: ASD, SPD. Autism and Dyspraxia
Case Study: ADHD
Case Study: Down Syndrome
Video and Content management relating to the above Case Studies

Examples of other Case Studies: See invitation to Case Study Workshop

Section 10
Creating Yoga Therapy lessons
Principles per challenge
Designing your Yoga Therapy Lesson Plans Examples of Lesson Plans per Challenge Yoga Poses and Sequences per Challenge Collection of Lesson Plans

Section 11
Exploring different yoga practices
Props Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga Yoga Nidra
Intro to the Hammock

Section 12
Adapting the practice
Working in a team
Working in inclusive classes Working with parents Consent, Accessibility and Inclusion
Boundaries and Ethical practices

Assignments & Practical
References & Resources

Teacher Testimonials

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