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CalmConciousCoaching is a soulful and transformative program dedicated to empowering parents, teachers, children, tweens and teens to embrace emotional well-being, resilience, and heart-centered living. Our holistic approach combines evidence-based techniques with mindfulness, heart activations, somatic healing, and conscious coaching to create a profound and healing experience for children and teens.

At the Calm Company, we believe in nurturing the whole child – mind, body, emotions, energy and soul. Our compassionate coaches establish a deep rapport with each child, fostering a safe and trusting space for exploration and healing. We utilize conscious coaching techniques, where we listen with empathy and attunement, honoring each child’s unique set of circumstances.

Heart Awareness forms the essence of our coaching sessions. We guide children to tap into the wisdom of their hearts, embracing their emotions with love and compassion. Heart activations instill a sense of inner peace and self-love, empowering children to regulate their emotions and navigate life’s challenges with gentleness.

Somatic Healing: Our coaching sessions incorporate somatic healing, recognizing that emotions are not solely confined to the mind but deeply felt within the body. Through gentle and mindful movement, we facilitate the release of emotional tension, supporting children to process and heal unresolved emotions stored in their bodies.

Emotional Regulation: At the Calm Company, we equip children with practical and empowering tools for emotional regulation. From breathwork to mindfulness practices, we guide children to find their inner calm amidst life’s storms. Emotional regulation skills foster emotional intelligence, allowing children to respond to stress and anxiety with resilience.

Conscious Coaching: Conscious coaching is the heart of our approach. Our coaches hold space with deep presence, honoring the child’s unique journey without judgment or agenda. We skillfully integrate art therapy, play-based activities, and creative expression to encourage self-discovery and healing. 

Who Can Benefit?: The Calm Company is a sanctuary for children facing emotional challenges such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma. Our heart-centered coaching sessions are offered in various settings, including schools, therapy centers, hospitals, and private 1-on-1 home sessions.

Coaching Opportunities: For professionals seeking to embody heart-centered coaching, our program offers comprehensive training in conscious coaching techniques, somatic healing, heart activations, and emotional regulation. Our curricula is designed for health professionals, therapists, educators, parents, and coaches who wish to make a profound impact in the lives of children.

Join Our Team: Are you called to be a heart-centered coach, guiding children towards emotional healing and empowerment? Join the CalmCoaching4kids team, where we provide ongoing mentorship, support, and sponsored training opportunities in various environments, including schools and medical settings.

Calm Coaching is Accredited as a Coaching and Mindfulness Program with the Yoga Alliance of Great Britain. 

About Our Founder: CalmCoaching4kids was founded by Suzanne Manson.  Suzanne has been working with children and teens in schools, outreach, trauma centres, special needs facilities and hospitals for 20 years.  She hosts her own Yogatherapy Teacher Trainings for Special needs children, Yoga training for kids and teens, Calm Coaching and Mindfulness Trainings.  Her skill set includes Life Coaching, NLP, Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy, Somantic therapy, Psychology Degree. and is an experienced somatic healer.

With a deep passion for soulful healing and emotional well-being, Suzanne Manson brings profound insights and expertise to guide children on their transformative journey.

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