Children’s Yoga

Children's Yoga Training

This is an on-line training which is both fun, experiential and resource-based. This training teaches you to bring yoga in a creative way to children from ages 3 – 12. Areas covered include:


Module 1.1 Overview

a What is yoga and why provide it for children?

a How to access your inner child when teaching and the requirements needed to be an excellent children's yoga teacher.

a How to teach yoga as a discipline and implementing safe practices in your classroom.

a How to teach age-appropriately and developmental milestones for tots (ages 3 - 7) kids (ages 7 - 9) and tweens (ages 10 - 12).

a The structure of a children’s yoga class which includes how to change physical, mental, emotional and energy states and bring a child back into balance..

a Using the breath to open your class and the importance of heart openers and exercises on how to do so.

a Practical examples of meditative and energizing breathing exercises.

a Exploring warm ups and using these as modes of transport.

a Creating age-appropriate lesson plans for tots (ages 3 - 7) kids (ages 7 - 9) and tweens (ages 10 - C2re).ating unique and fun lesson plan examples for every age group.

a Exploring yoga games, imagination and music and other sensorial props to create fun, dynamic and interesting children’s yoga classes.

a Exploring affirmations, meditations and visualizations for children's yoga classes.

a Learning Savasana and how to bring relaxation to children.

a Index of books, music, meditations and references.

a You will receive a comprehensive Training Module 1 Manual which will be sent to you upon your registration and payment for the Course.

a You will also receive the Yoga4kids Card Deck and Booklet which is a comprehensive guide for you as a teacher on your children's yoga journey.

This is an online training and the focus is on teaching yoga as a discipline, creating curricula as well as developing psychosocial and interpersonal life skills. These are presented through curricula which include teaching children how to develop a relationship with self and how to empower the self. It is here that we create wellbeing programs for children to maximize their human potential. You will also learn how to encourage children to create a positive and powerful lifestyle associated the disciplines and observances that come with the practice of yoga and observing the language of the heart.

Children’s curricula to be explored in Module 2 are those that will bring about a balance both physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically: These cover the following areas:

a Why Wellbeing and Life Skills for children are such an important part of your training.

a What is Self-Regulation and how to we encourage regulation in Yoga.

a The Self-Sensory System and how to teach this to children.

a How to explain Emotions and navigate challenging behaviors with children.

a The Seven Steps to Happiness.

a External Environmental Factors and the Elements and how these affect wellbeing.

a The Internal Environment of a Child and how these affect wellbeing.

a Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga Practice.

a Sound and Mantra – to self regulate and soothe the nervous system of a child.

a A deeper look at Meditation.

a Yoga Anatomy – The Chakras.

a Yoga for The Classroom.

a A deeper look into supported postures.

a Foods for Health and Healing for Children.

a How to teach correct posture alignment to children.

a A deeper look at how to journal and language from the Heart Centre.

a Partner Yoga – working with each other to create a desired outcome.

a Examples of Age-Appropriate Annual Curricula on Wellbeing for Children.


Module 3: Practical including presenting Lesson Plans and Homework

a Your off-line work includes set reading and video clips as well as completing your homework which is given at the end of both Module 1 and 2. You will be asked to present your homework and assignment and two age-appropriate lesson plans and you will be asked to teach one of your lesson plans as part of Module 3 Practical and to present this lesson plan on-line via Zoom.

a This is an excellent practical workshop where you learn from others and are given valuable feedback from your Senior Yoga Teacher. Lesson plan workshops will be made available to the whole group as part of the Online-Module 3 Training and is a very powerful part of your learning. You will then be asked to teach 10 hours of your own children’s yoga classes which will be submitted to our Head Office for completion of your Certificate. We can provide suggested pricing for you to charge per child or per class depending on how you choose to complete these hours.

a Module 3 is an exciting time for you as an instructor. Not only are you gaining invaluable hands- on experience, but you are now creating a source of income for yourself to return the outlay of your training costs.