The Yoga4kids Card Deck and Booklet is a fun and creative way to teach yoga to children. Each yoga card uses child-friendly language on how to move into and out of any given yoga pose.

The Cards feature Mila the YogiKat in 38 yoga poses. These cards are divided into yoga based activity cards which fall into the following categories: Foundation, Standing, Balancing, Seated, Twists, Backbends and Inversions. There is also a ‘Modes of Transport” Card to create exciting yoga adventures and a ‘Breathing Card’ with examples of yoga breathing exercises. The cards also include fun and creative variations of the postures which you can use to build your own yoga adventures and sequences from.

Included in the Deck of Yoga Cards is a 90 page yoga booklet which unpacks the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Therapeutic benefits of each pose. The booklet also explains how to move into the fun and creative variations of every pose in more detail.

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