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The Yoga4kids Training Academy presents:

AerialYoga4Kids Training

This is a four day in-person workshop, which is both fun and resource-based. This training teaches both the “yang” (active, dynamic & strengthening) and “yin” (passive, therapeutic, meditative, restorative) aspects of aerial training and how to apply it to a fun, playful and therapeutic children’s yoga class.

Techniques Training & Practice- guided and analytical classes:

  • Using props in yoga – exploring the Iyengar tradition
  • What is aerial yoga? – understanding how this style complements more traditional yoga styles
  • Benefits of aerial yoga with specific focus on children and children with special needs

Aerial yoga

  • Aerial play
  • Aerial meditation
  • Creative sequences
  • Partner aerial yoga
  • Therapeutic aerial

Yoga4Kids Training Dates:

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Teacher Testimonials

Fay Norton

"I have absolutely loved this course. I found myself becoming more inspired to teach kids yoga after every session. I'm starting to see lesson plans in everything! You have such extensive knowledge on kid’s yoga and it's been great having access to it these last two weeks. When yoga is here there's magic in the air. I have had the most creative and productive two weeks I've had since Ben was born. It's really confirmed for me the benefits of yoga for children and I feel that if after only two weeks I've had a positive experience, imagine the results for kids doing it on a regular basis. Thank you Suzie, you are so inspiring and you seem to be able to take a lesson from everything which I am working towards doing too. I'm really looking forward to module two and learning more."

Zilke Van Aswegen

I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Suzie's knowledge and energy had me mesmerized throughout the training keeping me in a state of gratitude to finally be embarking on this kind of work. Suzie was well equipped with the online set up and solved any problems that arose quickly and efficiently. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson plans and the savasanas were amazing. On-line training banished my doubts and I was surprised to still get out everything that I would want in an in- person course.

Evangelia Filippou Johannesburg

I have loved the course and learning about a new realm of teaching. The information given is in depth and your content knowledge, and passion, is extraordinary. I have learnt a great deal in such a short span of days. If anything, I have found some fo the information too straight forward only because I am a teacher. I don’t find the idea of teaching children daunting whatsoever, rather that my knowledge in the practise of yoga is lacking. I have been very intimidated this course because although I engage in the yoga practise, I do not practise as in depth as others. However, I have been inspired!

Tammy Tinline,

My love for children and my constant desire to make sure the child of me stays with me brought me to Yoga4Kids and I am so blessed to have been given a platform where we can spread the love, kindness, power, strength and freedom that is yoga.Sometimes that pureness and the power that children have is covered up and packed away by society.Yoga4Kids is a doorway for them, a place to express themselves, a safe place where they can just be. Having the opportunity to be with these souls is something that is so surreal and magical. To be able to plant the seed of yoga in the seprecious beings is the greatest gift that has ever been given to me. I am so grateful that I am also part of the WHOLEyChildFoundation - a chance to make a difference. A chance to give them back the power that has been taken from them. No words can give this journey the credit is deserves - it’s something that needs to be experienced. By you.”