Yoga4Teens Training

Our Advanced Teen Training is looking at how to use the art of yoga to equip our youth with the life skills and enrichment programs to navigate their entry into their teenage years with grace and ease. This intensive teaching will give you the language and rapport needed to reach the heart of this generation and the lesson plans and class dynamic to keep our teens

true to their own beings and powerful in their individuality.

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Section 2 – Who Should Take This Training & Why

The Yoga4Teens Advanced Training is for:
  1. Adult Yoga Teachers who want to incorporate teen yoga into their
  2. Adults seeking to launch a career/business teaching yoga to our teens.
  3. Professionals seeking to expand their current skill set (physical or occupational therapist, school teacher, etc).
  4. Parents or other caregivers wanting to share a yoga and wellbeing experience with children and teens (at home or elsewhere)

All participants on this course must have a very good understanding and knowledge of yoga and its disciplines. As a career option the Yoga4Teens Advanced Yoga Training is open to qualified adult yoga teachers and any person who has completed the Module 1 and 2 Children s Yoga Foundation Training.

Anyone participating in this training must be in good health and have stable personal circumstances to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires. The ages of the youth that you will be able to teach is 13 – 18. And this training is all about teaching teens how to:

  • Meditate & become
  • Form a loving & confident relationship with
  • Live in harmony with self &
  • Balance the physical, emotional, mental & energetic
  • Change state, self regulate & manage energy
  • Continually shift towards positive emotional behavior &

Section 3 - Certification to Increase Your Career Options

Suzie Manson is a certifed Senior Yoga Teacher and Trainer with the Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa (YFTSA).

The Yoga4kids Training Academy is recognised as an nternational Yoga School by nternational Yoga Federation. The Yoga4Kids training courses have met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals (United Kingdom) and YTFSA. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals (United Kingdom) and the YTFSA who accredit teachers around the world.

This is essential not only for being a qualifed and respected teacher in your own country, but also if you’re considering teaching abroad.

You will be certifed to teach after successful completion of our Yoga4Teen Foundation Training (Modules  4. 1 and 4.2 including both theory and practical) . This includes completion of homework and a practical exam.

Upon successful completion of the 60 Hour Advanced Yoga4Teens training you will be eligible to join the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa who will Internationally accredit you as a Children/Teen Yoga Teacher.

Our foundational Course Graduates may also be eligible for a Yoga Alliance Professionals membership if:


  • You are already qualified as an adult yoga
  • You are a professional in a field or specialty relating to


This would make you an affiliate member for which we can provide information upon request.



– qualified Adult Yoga Teachers (who have completed a foundation teacher training course which meets Yoga Alliance Professionals standards) will be eligible to upgrade. There is a once off fee for this. You would then receive an additional badge to show you have completed the Yoga4Kids Foundation Training vocational course.


Note that as a student of any Yoga4Kids training course, you may consent to your contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals and the Yoga Teachers Fellowship, so they can contact you directly and invite you to register as a Trainee and Teacher. You have the option of opting out of this registration process.

Section 4 – Fees & Breakdown of Course Hours


Contact Hours with SYT

Contact Hours

with Other Teachers


Non-Contact Hours

Total Hours (65)

Mod. 4.1 : Theory

14 hours

7 hours

10 hours

30 hours

Mod.4.2: Practical

14 hours

7 hours

10 hours

30 hours






As stated previously, the Yoga4Teens Advanced Training is a 60 hour accredited children’s vocational training course. The Principal Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) for this training is Suzie Manson and Katya Salvador (YT).

Module 4.1: Theory (2 days)

Module 4.2: Theory (2 days)

Total Cost:

Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am – 6:30pm Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Homework & Teaching

R8 000.00


Section 5 – Detailed Description of Content Covered

As shown above, the Yoga4Teens Advanced Training is comprised of one module ( which has a theoretical and practical component) which cover a very comprehensive:

  • Workshop attendance & participation,
  • Teaching & observation of prescribed classes/online
  • Completion of homework as assigned
Because the completion of this training enables you to be accredited to teach yoga to teens both nationally and internationally (as described previously), careful documentation of your training is essential throughout. Yoga4Kids will provide you with these tracking documents and explain how to use them. For example, when teaching or observing classes, you must log the premises, students and times so that we are able to closely monitor your lesson plans, teaching days and level of competence. This careful tracking and evaluation of your training is part of the unique training experience offered by Yoga4Kids. Also included in your fees are the following: • Comprehensive Yoga4Kids Training Manual & Postures Book (includes partner postures). • Age-appropriate lesson plans which have been successfully taught by Yoga4Kids qualified teachers.