YogaTherapy4Kids Specialized Training

Yoga4Kids has successfully presented children’s yoga vocational training programs in South Africa since 2005. During this time, we identified a need to incorporate yoga as an integrated modality for children with challenges and special needs. Our training is focused on bringing yoga to childrenwho are not able to participate in a conventional yoga program or need one-on-one yoga to manage their individual needs. These tailor made yoga programs are built with an occupational therapist and aim to improve the function, overall health and wellbeing of children with challenges.

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Who Should Take This Training & Why

The YogaTherapy4Kids Foundation Training is for:

a)Adult Yoga Teachers who want to incorporate children’s yoga as a therapy into their teaching.

b)Children’s Yoga Teachers who have completed their 100 hour Foundation Training.

c)Professional Therapists seeking to expand their current skill set.All participants on this course must have a very good understanding and knowledge of yoga and its disciplines.

As a career option, the YogaTherapy4Kids Foundation Training is open to both qualified adult yoga teachers, qualified children’s yoga teachers and professionals who work with children in therapeutic practice.

Students must also have:

Track record of forty hours of yoga classes before, during or after their training; and

Basic understanding of the philosophy of yoga in general

Anyone participating in this training must be in good health and have stable personal circumstances to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires.

The ages of the children you are meant to be teaching with this training are Tots (ages 3 – 7) and Kids (ages 8 – 12).

Our Training is about teaching children with challenges how to:

Build confidence and self-esteem

Stay motivated and engaged

Give language to their symptoms

Improve function and manage their challenges

Change their emotional, physical, mental and energetic state and self-regulate